1. What does The Loss Prevention charge for mural and sign work?

Our quote will depend on a number of factors including:

A) Whether or not you have your own design or need our design services. If you have your own art or design, we will base our estimate on the detail and scale of the design. If design services are required, we will be happy to meet with you and go over your options in completing the perfect design for your project. Pricing will be based on how many designs you will need, the detail of each design, and negotiation time spent during the design process.

B) The size of the area to be painted and the detail of the design that we’ll be painting.

2. Are materials included in The Loss Prevention estimate?

Yes, all painting equipment and supplies are included. If your job requires scaffolding or lifts, they will be factored into the budget as well.

3. How long is the wait to have a mural or sign painted?

Free estimates are available immediately and we will complete your mural in the shortest amount of time possible. Time needed to complete the mural will depend on level of detail and scale.

4. Is a permit required for my mural to be painted?

Depending on your city codes, exterior mural work may require a permit. If this applies to your mural, we’ll be happy to provide more information.

5. Does The Loss Prevention provide the wall that my mural will be painted on?

The client is welcome to provide the wall they want the mural painted on or we can assist with this process for an additional fee.

6. Is The Loss Prevention bonded and insured?

Yes, we are covered by Nationwide Insurance and present a C.O.I. at the onset of each job.

7. Upkeep of the mural: Are steps taken to keep the mural in it’s original condition?

Over time, fading does occur. To combat this, we offer clear coating in each estimate. If your mural requires maintenance due to circumstances out of our control such as vandalism, we offer free maintenance within reason.

8. Is The Loss Prevention willing to travel to other states or countries to paint murals?

Yes, we are available to travel. If flight and lodging are required, we will include affordable options with your quote.

9. Does The Loss Prevention work with art consultants or agents?

Yes, we are happy to work with agents. We will provide a quote for our services and ask that you tack your percentage onto our quote and bill clients separately.